Technology Predictions for 2005

my silly predictions for 2005-ish
  1. BEA dies or gets absorbed, maybe by IBM
  2. JBoss becomes the leading J2ee app server in high-profile deployments
  3. RSS / Atom start to show up in consumer devices
  4. Telecom companies start getting REALLY pinched by VOIP, mergers become essential to survival
  5. 1st generation of something better than iPod, smartphones, or PDAs comes out, but too expensive for anyone to buy (yet) ... like a pocket secretary maybe, speech-based interface might be the enabler ... MS might play well here as they've done the most R&D
  6. Security and Exploits both become big business
  7. Microsoft Re-wraps COM+ (again) for the longhorn transaction manager
  8. longhorn (server) and yukon both are unusable this year
  9. Oracle CPU pricing matches or is less than SQL server by year's end
  10. MS gets more involved in hardware

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kindageeky said...

Looks like JBoss is making a move per the story in SD TimesWith the level of influence they've begun to exert in the JCP, it's not a suprise ... except maybe that it's happening so quickly.